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I started programming on UNIX systems just before the advent of the World Wide Web. This coincidence seems to have influenced where I've gone with programming.

I created logresolve to post-process httpd logs to help speed up web serving. The faster and more efficient version 2.0 is currently in beta here. Version 1.1 is now distributed with Apache, which is an excellent free web server for Unix.

If you use image maps on the Web, take a look at glorglox, my advanced image mapper.
The Perl script I use to make my Online Resources page out of my Netscape Navigator bookmarks.

Some fun CGI programs, written in Perl:


Java is a buzzword-compliant programming language developed at Sun. So that I could put Java on my résumé, I used it to make this single solitary applet:

Java-supporting browsers display an animated wave right here.


I started programming in BASICA on DOS on my first computer - an original IBM PC. I eventually moved up to Microsoft C, and then up again to Borland C. My most interesting DOS programs were these tools for working with music modules.

I haven't updated these programs since early 1994, I no longer have access to a DOS system, and I may have lost the source code... so don't expect new releases anytime soon. The descriptions from the enclosed FILE_ID.DIZ files appear below:

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