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This page is rather stale. Like, 10 years old. However it is a well-connected page so if you would like your link here then go ahead and ask. Please visit HowTired instead.

These links are from my Netscape Communicator bookmarks file. The actual HTML unordered list is generated by a little Perl script I wrote to strip out the extra bookmark information and make the table of contents.

I put this list of links online to make it available to me wherever I am on the Internet. I think that each of them have some merit, or else I wouldn't keep them around! While I don't use most of these links on a regular basis, I occasionally use Communicator's Update Bookmarks facility to traverse them all and weed out stale links. Once in a while, I try to visit them all by hand to make sure they still point to the appropriate page. Please e-mail me if you find any broken links.

Since this list is available to me, it may as well be available to you too. Hell, isn't that what the Internet is all about? Then again, making it public has skewed my view of what belongs on it. Maybe that's what the Internet's really about after all.

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