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Please ignore this website. It is somewhat stale.
Practically all of my atoms have been replaced since it was last updated.

Dear visitor;

Welcome to Tom Rathborne's home page. As with most personal web sites nowadays, my résumé and my PGP public key reside here. You'll also find way too many bookmarks, various interesting programs I've written, and a big pile of artistic expression within this site.

Thanks for visiting!

These pages are best viewed with a grain of salt.

What, still alive at twenty-two,
A clean upstanding chap like you?
Sure, if your throat 'tis hard to slit,
Slit your girl's, and swing for it.
Like enough, you won't be glad,
When they come to hang you, lad:
But bacon's not the only thing
That's cured by hanging from a string.
So, when the spilt ink of the night
Spreads o'er the blotting pad of light,
Lads whose job is still to do
Shall whet their knives, and think of you.

-- Hugh Kingsmill

tomr@aceldama.comHome Page