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Dalek Blueprints

2011-03-26: Welcome, surfers! This page has received a surge of attention lately — please feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions or comments.

These aren't my creation... The following images contain the blueprints for a Dalek. I used them to create my Ray-traced Dalek. These files were originally found at the Doctor Who FTP archive at (now defunct).

dal1_.gif through dal6_.gif (the Cover and the black & white GIFs below) are the original files from Frontios. Many people have had difficulty downloading and viewing the high-resolution images, so I have scaled them down interpolating to grayscale. Hopefully these new grayscale images will be of use to those people. However, I don't expect that they will print out quite as nicely as the original raw black & white scans.

tomr@aceldama.comHome PageMedia CreationsRay-traced DaleksBlueprints