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Ray-Traced Daleks

These images were created with POVray. The model is based on some blueprints.

[Dalek #3 - blasting you!]

Sample Images

[Dalek #10 - well lit!]
Dalek Gun close-up Dalek Gun close-up Dalek #8 Dalek #8 Dalek #2 Dalek #1 local index


The POV source for the Dalek is now available! Use your browser to download your archive of choice via one of these links:

(Those of you using graphical browsers may have to hold down shift while clicking on the link to download the file; Lynx users should probably press d to download.)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about how to use these files.

tomr@aceldama.comHome PageMedia CreationsRay-traced Daleks