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Here are some fractal images that I have created with Fractint. See the descriptions below for which version was used for each set.

If your browser supports images, you'll see slightly reduced versions of the images here on this page. You can use the lists to download the full images. File sizes are indicated. If your browser also supports imagemaps, you can click on one of the images to get the larger version.

Although Fractint does save the parameters in its GIF files, they have been removed from the images on this page to ensure compatibility with all GIF viewers. The files, after all, are quite large. Instead, Fractint .PAR files are made available. The .PAR files have a `.par.txt' extension to ensure that they are sent as MIME type text/plain.


Tulip 1 Tulip 2 Tulip 3 Tulip 4 [ Tulips imagemap ]

Tulips are just shots of the Mandelbrot set using some fairly mundane options and a carefully-created palette. They were made with Fractint 19.2. The full images here are 1024x768. If you'd like to walk through the Mandelbrot tulip garden or grow your own flowers, download the .PAR file.


Spine 1 Spine 2 Spine 3 Spine 4 [ Spines imagemap ]

Spines are images of the mandel(log||exp) function. The original fractals were created with Fractint 19.2, but these images (except for #4) are not raw Fractint output. The first two are a mix of the same areas with slightly different parameters. The third is much more complicated - but the adventurous can figure it out for themselves. Hint: The bright white stripes in #3 are actually courtesy of #4, which is basically vanilla Fractint output. The full images here are 1024x768. For more information, get the .PAR file.


Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4 [ Splits imagemap ]

Splits are made from various mandel(sqr||fn) functions. The second function (typically conj or flip) introduces some interesting oscillations. These were all created with Fractint 19.4. Again, the full images are 1024x768. To do the splits yourself, get the .PAR file.

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